@nessa6297 Instagram Profile 6:08 AM Jan 13, 2019

I will have to look into it. Thanks

@msjuicyy Instagram Profile 6:31 AM Jan 13, 2019

I have this too! But my skin is too dry to wear it ... only spot touch ups lol

@lesa_cap Instagram Profile 6:59 AM Jan 13, 2019

You look fabulous need to try that

@makeupchloe94 Instagram Profile 7:46 AM Jan 13, 2019

Need to try this 😍 you skin looks flawless 💕

@eemil512 Instagram Profile 8:42 AM Jan 13, 2019

Nice one Have you ever tried growing your page, check the info in my bio ❤

@bluestohues Instagram Profile 3:16 PM Jan 13, 2019

Wow your skin looks amazing! Great choice!

@beautyfashlaw Instagram Profile 3:38 PM Jan 13, 2019

I saw these on clearance at Target yesterday and I’m really hoping they aren’t discontinuing it!!

@cupid_alaska Instagram Profile 10:01 PM Jan 13, 2019

I love the concealer and I loved the foundation but never tried the powder. I better pick it up soon just incase.

@carmen.blogs Instagram Profile 10:52 PM Jan 13, 2019

Love this 😍 thanks for sharing. 🌸 Happy Sunday! Sharing the blogger love 💕

@hollies_hot_picks Instagram Profile 6 days ago

Ooohhh! I'll have to try this! I hate wearing liquid foundation in the Summer.

@mandyvoss Instagram Profile 4 days ago

Never tried this powder foundation. But I think I want to now 💕💕💕