@universall__ Instagram Profile 10:51 PM Jan 12, 2019

That’s not true you’re definitely on my snap

@p_shellz Instagram Profile 10:52 PM Jan 12, 2019

BEAUTIFUL family Tiye!! ❤️ I know the feelin. I aint that cool too my babies either lol. Hope y’all had fun.

@tiyephoenix Instagram Profile 10:56 PM Jan 12, 2019

@p_shellz They both have iphones so they told me that my android pictures look like security footage... he said the pictures look like old g.t.a when it was on a ps2.. wow..😂😂😂

@davedar Instagram Profile 6:10 AM Jan 13, 2019

Amazing i remember when your daughter was a baby and your son was in your belly

@keonit Instagram Profile 6 days ago

😍Love it 😍checkout my page for feed on hair, beauty, and fashion ‼️

@talentscoutzahara Instagram Profile 4 days ago

Hey lovely! 🤗 We had a glimpse of your Instagram and we would love to work with you! dm our main account @zaharaswim and mention us ☺️💖