@ianknightly Instagram Profile 3:14 PM Dec 12, 2018

wow you are beautiful, we should colab on an edit!

@mimozadob Instagram Profile 4:50 PM Dec 12, 2018

Im obsessed with this look .. u should DM @muapassionn they would surely feature you💖💖😘

@saurabh_upasana Instagram Profile 12:11 PM Dec 25, 2018

Nice photo, there is no need for more words, I just wanted to say 😍👌

@deeptijalsingh Instagram Profile 7:42 AM Dec 27, 2018

@woody1sp a lot of people would think it’s green but in reality it’s a combination of different colors it’s incredibly difficult to just choose one, I fancy black the most but I also love yellow, white and gold/nude.

@woody1sp Instagram Profile 10:31 AM Dec 27, 2018

Nice, @deeptijalsingh. I've seen a previous picture where you were wearing a nude color dress. Absolutely gorgeous! But gold and green in these pictures also highlight your natural beauty. 😌