@jm_subrn Instagram Profile 10:23 PM Oct 16, 2018

This is when I fell in love with you!! ❤️ Still one of my favorites and I will certainly be getting it on vinyl! 🙌🏼

@dplachance Instagram Profile 10:26 PM Oct 16, 2018

An analog audiophile's medium for the acoustic music connoisseur. Nice.

@shadow.melody1 Instagram Profile 11:14 PM Oct 16, 2018

Says to self responsibly: "I'm going to restrain my music spending for just a bit." .... COME ON AOIFE. YOU'RE NOT HELPING. :P

@harper.p_owl Instagram Profile 11:52 PM Oct 16, 2018

One of my all time favorite CDs! ❤️ My sister and I worked up a cover of Ecstasy.

@melwvu Instagram Profile 11:56 PM Oct 16, 2018

still one of my favorite albums ever!

@mimio_c Instagram Profile 12:04 AM Oct 17, 2018

That album made it's way into "small town" west Cork, Ireland. I got a copy of a copy, I'd listen to it on the long, dark Sunday night bus journey back to college. 🌻 Crooked Still, you made that rainy drive a bit better!

@justin2720 Instagram Profile 12:18 AM Oct 17, 2018

Yay! How about a release party in L.A.?

@rex.cross Instagram Profile 4:02 AM Oct 17, 2018

Nothing more to say that hasn't been said above. When I left Malibu the other night I retraced the roots as to how I came to know you remarkable women. Crooked Still first, but discovering the Sarah's didn't take long thereafter. More from all of you please.

@arburuacraft Instagram Profile 5:04 AM Oct 17, 2018

Went to see your concert at Bing Hall in Palo Alto recently, you girls were wonderful. First time to hear Brother Brother, they were outstanding, love their harmonizing abilities!

@d21cohen Instagram Profile 2:28 PM Oct 17, 2018

Still love listening to this great record